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polka dots, crystals and bows!

Hello!  Just a quick update! I wanted to share a corset that we finished today - one of our over bust polka dot piping detail corsets in a 30" (it's ever so slightly too big for the antique clothing model, but I still think it looks lovely!)

Now, I am prone to random fixation on things or colours or what have you.  The other week I arbitrarily decided that orange was the most amazing colour ever and that I was only going to buy orange fabric.  I consequently now have a rather large amount of orange silk floral brocade in a variety of different designs...

But anyway, I digress.  Today, it was bows.  I finished the this corset and was putting some of these gorgeous dark purple crystals onto the label and thought...this corset could really do with a bow.  I made a matching polka dot pin wheel bow accented with crystals - it attaches to the corset with a little safety pin.  So I suppose whoever gets this corset will be in for a little suprise :)


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